Coherence Spring Docs 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT API

Contains classes for Coherence Spring integration.
Annotation support.
Provides Coherence event-specific annotation suppport.
Provides auto configuration for Spring Boot.
Auto-configuration support for Spring Data.
Auto-configuration support for messaging.
Auto-configuration support for CoherenceMicrometerMetrics.
Auto-configuration support for Spring Session.
Classes supporting the package.
Provides support for Spring Boot's ConfigData API.
Support for Spring's cache abstraction.
Provides Cache Store support.
Spring configuration Support.
Provides Configuration-related annotation support.
Provides Coherence sesssion configuration support.
Classes supporting the package.
Coherence data configuration support.
Coherence entity mapping support.
Coherence repository support.
Coherence finder query support.
Coherence Data utilities.
Coherence Eventing Support.
Live Event Support.
Live Event Handlers.
Map Event Support.
Coherence Messaging Support.
Messaging related exceptions.
Spring namespace support.
Contains classes for Spring Session support.
Spring Session specific annotations.
Http Session support and configuration.
Session events.
POF serialization support.
Contains various support classes.